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Cornwall beyond Rosamunde Pilcher

Talk in Simple English
We all know them: the big, old houses, the well-kept gardens and the idyllic romance of the famous Rosamunde Pilcher books and films. But is that really all Cornwall has to offer? This talk takes you to the spectacular landscapes, the cliffs and Caribbean green sea on all sides, the fantastic sandy beaches, the romantic fishing villages, the endless beauty of the moors with their legends of smuggling and wild ponies, the dreamy little forests and woods, sheep at every corner, the traditional pasties and scones. In short: nature in its purest form.
This talk held in simple English will take you a bit closer to Cornwall and give you a first taste of a little paradise on earth.

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1 Abend, 19.04.2018
Donnerstag, 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
1 Termin(e)
Andrew Ost-Toms
Robert-Bosch-Gymnasium, Großer Hörsaal
7,00 € (erm. € 6,00)